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This has indeed been a strange run-up to Easter. The school corridors are still full of Arts' Week and St. Patrick's Day art. No end-of-term Assembly or Easter Egg Hunts this year. We are all keeping safe and staying home, in accordance with Government instructions.

However, this doesn't mean that our pupils and families are not uppermost in our thoughts. The school has kept in touch with families by phone, video, email and/or letter. Teachers' Meetings and In-school Management Team (ISM) meetings continue online; all staff are engaging in planning for our eventual return to school. The Board of Management continues its Governance oversight and continues to work [remotely] with the multi-agency Design Team on the school’s prefab rebuilding project. Families, in turn, have kept in touch with us and we are delighted to hear all the stories and updates that people want to share.

As we approach the Easter season, we know it will be especially strange for lots of us. People who would usually be together might have to stay apart. Families are concerned about each other, about older relatives, young children and those who are most vulnerable. We look forward to the days when we can visit again, go for trips and outings and enjoy the things we might have, in the past, taken for granted.

We salute all our staff, relatives, colleagues, parents & guardians who are working outside of home through this COVID19 period, whether on the front-line, in supporting roles or keeping the economy going. Equally, we applaud everyone who is busy working from or at home, especially those keeping our pupils safe, calm and happy at home or in residential settings. Everyone's efforts, seen or unseen, are equally necessary and valuable.

Hopefully, everyone will get to enjoy some of the good weather and Easter treats and we look forward to seeing everyone again as soon as possible.

With best wishes from the SMH Ballymun School Community ~

Go dté sibh slán - stay safe and stay well.

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We are looking forward to once again welcoming our pupils back on campus!
Continued school closure in line with Government instructions
If we can access the outdoors at the moment, the attached Outdoor Scavenger hunt might be something to do?
Axel Scheffler (author of "The Gruffalo") has written a new book especially for children and young people, explaining about Coronavirus. It's available FREE by following the link below:
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