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School Buildings Reopening!

We are looking forward to once again welcoming our pupils back on campus!
School Buildings Reopening!

Parents and guardians are no doubt looking forward to the resumption of school on campus. We certainly are too!

We at school have been working tirelessly all summer to pre-empt and then implement all the DES and Public Health guidelines for a safe, happy and welcoming return to school. It’s a challenge for all schools and ours is especially complex due to the fact that we also have major building works on site. However, with the understanding and cooperation of the whole school community, we look forward to a phased reopening, commencing next week.

Families will by now have received a mailing with letters from the Board of Management and the in-school Management (ISM) team outlining the day, date and times of the proposed return to school for your child. These arrangements may require to be revised in light of the unfolding situation and further public health guidance. Parents/guardians who are not sending their child to school for whatever reason should email the Principal at smhballymunschool@gmail.com.

Our school staff is committed not just to reopening school buildings but to a sustainable return-to-school insofar as is possible. Protocols and procedures will need to be constantly monitored and revised. We are asking for your continued support and cooperation as we work through this unprecedented situation remembering the words of the educator, Maria Montessori: “Freedom of the individual has, as its limits, the collective interest”. We look forward to continuing to work with you and to welcoming back our pupils over the coming weeks.

Fiona O’Dwyer, Principal

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