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In line with Dept. of Education & Skills (DES) Circulars and best educational practice, schools are required to assess progress and plan for learning by engaging in Assessment for Learning (AfL) and Assessment of Learning (AoL).Teachers use a range of observation and assessment tools to assess readiness for learning, progress and how to build on knowledge/skills attained. They also take into account

  • What is the student’s preferred way of learning?
  • How best does s/he process information?
  • How does s/he communicate his/her needs?
  • How can we integrate new experiences for this student with their prior learning?
  • How can we improve his/her ability to remember and anticipate what is important to him/her?
  • What, if any, additional visual/auditory supports are useful to this student?
  • What approaches does/can s/he take to problem solve situations?
  • How does the student form attachments and interact socially?
  • What does the student know (starting point)? → what does s/he need to know (progression)?

NCCA 2008 Assment.jpg (NCCA, 2008)

A collaborative approach, reporting and review are inextricably linked to the whole area of Assessment or and for Learning. It is important to stress that the term “learning” relates not just to curricular work but also to Communication Skills; Social Skills; Independence Skills; Fine & Gross Motor Skills; Activities for Daily Living (ADLs); Transitioning Skills etc., across all areas of the Curriculum.

Parents/Guardians are invited to meet with the teacher as part of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process by Hallowe'en of each school year and again to meet for a formal Review in the Spring. New or amended Priority Learning Goals are agreed and these carry over until October of the next year. Parents/Guardians receive a written End-of-Year School Report in mid-June each year. Please see our school's Assessment Policy under "Policies" Section.

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