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Individual Education Plans


Individual Education Plan (IEP) Process & Progress Reporting

IEP: Parent(s)/Guardians are invited to engage in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process at the beginning of term and an agreed IEP, outlining Priority Learning Goals, is drawn up by Hallowe’en break each year. The family, the school team and clinicians can input into identification of Priority Learning Goals for each student. Parents/Guardians, the Class Teacher and the Principal usually sign this document. The IEP can be reviewed as required but no later than the IEP Review in the following Spring. Typically, updated Learning Goals are agreed during the year through direct consultation in person, by phone or via the home-school notebook, as required.

IEP Review: in line with DES Circular 56/2011, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are invited to attend Parent/Teacher meetings in the Spring of each school year where progress is formally outlined and Priority Learning Goals in the IEP are reviewed and amended as required. The goals contained in the reviewed IEP are carried forward to the Autumn term and can form the basis for the next formal IEP process.

End-of-Year School Report: in line with DES Circular 56/2011, a School Report is furnished by the Class Teacher to Parent(s)/Guardian(s), no later than two weeks prior to the end of the school year (June). A copy is filed in student’s Confidential File in Principal’s Office.

Additional Progress Reporting: Parent(s)/Guardian(s) who wish to discuss their child’s attendance and/progress during the year are welcome to make a prior appointment with the Class Teacher and/or Principal, for a mutually convenient time.

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